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Weiterbildung für wissenschaftlich Mitarbeitende

Kategorie: Workshop
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10:00 Uhr -
17:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Workshop

Weiterbildung für wissenschaftlich Mitarbeitende

Jeremy Stockwell

Campus Freudenberg, Gästehaus, Rainer-Gruenter-Strasse 3

Weiterbildung für wissenschaftlich Mitarbeitende

WOW, NOW, & WHAT IT IS (Kommunikation)

GuStaW / Dezernat 6

This WOW, NOW, & WHAT IT IS workshop offers firm foundations and clear principles of inter-personal communication and presentation.


It will also help you, develop, improve, and sustain your teaching skills and professional practice. 

The course invites you to -


  • Inspire yourself and motivate your students
  • Think and respond in new directions
  • Improve your confidence

It offers a range of new skills and techniques. And it encourages you to communicate with greater confidence, authenticity, and ease. It also creates conditions to engage with greater integrity, and a renewed sense of truth, trust, and clarity of purpose - both inside and out of the academic world - thereby improving your chances of personal and professional success.


Please bring a light heart, an open mind, and leave what you think you know at the door. Please note, there are no observers. And video, audio, or other recording is strictly prohibited unless agreed in advance with Jeremy Stockwell.

This course will be given in English.


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