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Multirate schemes for atmospheric chemical transport models

Kategorie: Vortrag
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14:15 Uhr -
16:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Vortrag

Multirate schemes for atmospheric chemical transport models

Prof. Dr. Adrian Sandu (Virginia Institute of Technology Blacksburg)

Campus Grifflenberg, Hörsaal 5 (Gebäude G, Ebene 10, Raum 07), Gaußstr. 20

Multirate schemes for atmospheric chemical transport models

Multirate time integration of ODEs and PDEs

The Reacting Atmosphere Academy - Understanding and Management for Future Generations

Forschungsverbund "The Reacting Atmosphere" / Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften

Multirate time integration uses different time steps for different components of a system, and allow to efficiently solve problems that have components with different dynamics.

We discuss extrapolated multirate discretizations that provide highly accurate  discretizations. We analyze the linear stability properties of the multirate explicit and linearly implicit extrapolated methods.

We present multirate time discretizations for hyperbolic conservation laws; these methods avoid the necessity to take small global timesteps (restricted by the largest value of the Courant number on the grid) and therefore results in more efficient algorithms. We propose Runge Kutta and Linear Multistep families of discretizations that are second order accurate in time and has conservation and linear and nonlinear stability properties under local CFL conditions.