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The Path to a Successful Doctorate

Kategorie: Workshop
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10:00 Uhr -
18:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Workshop

The Path to a Successful Doctorate

Jan Stamm

Campus Grifflenberg, Gebäude T, Ebene 09, Raum 01, Gaußstr. 20

The Path to a Successful Doctorate

Zentrum für Graduiertenstudien (ZGS)

For most people, doing a PhD is the first major research project that they have to master on their own. Most people need between 3 and 5 years to finish it. There is a multitude of challenges along the way (i.e. getting smart ideas, getting along with supervisors, mastering the basics of scientific work …). A good time- and project-management helps a lot in order to set one’s focus right and use one’s time and energy in a productive and efficient way.

This workshop provides you with basic strategies and tools for an effective and efficient time- and project-management. For further information follow this link.

Please register before 11.11.2016: zgs{at}