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Academic Writing in English

Kategorie: Workshop
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10:00 Uhr -
13:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Workshop

Academic Writing in English

Colin Foskett

Campus Grifflenberg, Gaußstr. 20, Gebäude O, Ebene 07, Raum 08

Academic Writing in English

Zentrum für Graduiertenstudien (ZGS)

The purpose of this workshop is to provide postgraduates with guidelines and practice relating to writing papers, articles or their dissertation in English. Since participants will be writing about different topics and probably also in very different subject areas, the workshop will aim to be as individual and practical as possible and as general as necessary. What we do and how we do it is to a certain extent open to discussion. What follows is a working concept.

For further information please follow this link.

1st session:  29.11.2016 10 – 13
2nd session: 14.02.2017 10 – 13

Please register with an abstract or other short piece of academic writing (see 2. above) by 22nd November 2016 (zgs{at}